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Organization Cab Ref No Country Contact Person Phone Email Case Area Name Case Status Name Date Of Accreditation Url Major Discipline Certificate Name Address Scope Certificate
The Calibration Laboratory (Permanent) - Arab British Dynamics –ABD - Arab Organization for Industrialization - A.O.I20301EgyptEng. OmneyaAbouZeid – Quality Manager(002(002-02) 22686736 - 22689023 - 22689024abdquality@aio.com.egCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2018-03-23Calibration of electricity,massKm 4.5 Suez Road -
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Calibration Laboratory - Calibration Consulting Group (CCG)20303EgyptEng. Magdy Saber Bastarous - Laboratory Manager(002-02) 419-8540ccgmag@link.netCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2017-11-30TCalibration of temperature,electrical,pressure,dimensional,mass and balance20 Hasan Aflaton
street, Golf land,
Heliopolis, Cairo
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Calibration Laboratory of Egyptian Engineering Systems Company (EES)20509EgyptEng. Osama Kamel- Technical Manager(002-02) 4508614osama@ees9.netCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2019-02-27Pressure & temperature measurement calibration12 Ibn Sander
Square, Hamamat
Alqobah, Cairo
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Arab Organization of Industrialization - The Calibration Laboratory of Aircraft Factory ( ACF )20513EgyptEng. Hanaa Osman – Quality Manager(002-02) 25560114-9Calibration LabroratoryAccredited2017-06-08Electrical,dimensional and pressure calibrationHelwan El Hammamat,
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Medical Equipment Calibration Laboratory - Faculty of Engineering – Cairo University20519EgyptDr. Sherif Samy(002) 567-8345Calibration LabroratoryAccredited2014-08-14MedicalGiza Click Here Click Here
Faculty of Engineering – Cairo University- Measurement & Calibration Laboratory(MCL)20625EgyptDr. Tharwat wazir Abu Arab(01006151566-38507064PCG. mcl_ZAYED@yahoo.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2015-06-04In the field of calibration of pressure gauge & temperature and measurement of coating thickness,acoustic noise and lux6th –October -
El-Sheikh Zaied Giza
- Egypt
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Calibration Metrology Department-General Department for Measurements & Industrial Calibration Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality (EOS)20629/1EgyptEng. EMAN ALI LOTFY0222845522- 0222845524Eala_ase@hotmail.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2019-02-14Electrical,Temperature,Humidity,Mass,Balance,Dimension,Torque wrench,Density,Volume,Force,Pressure Gauges & Viscosity calibration and Illuminance instrument meter Calibration16 Tadreeb El -
Modarrebeen st.,
Ameriya, Cairo
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Calibration Laboratory - Integrated Calibration Services (ICS)20640EgyptEng. Ahmed Ali Youssef – Technical Manager(002-02) 26352841Calibration LabroratoryAccredited2011-06-01Pressure and TemperatureFlat 101, 7 Mahmoud
Abu El Auyoun St.,
11351 Helipolis,
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Arab British Dynamics (ABD) - Environmental Measurement Laboratory20671/1EgyptOmneya Abou Zeid2686736/2689023/2689024abdquality@aio.com.egCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2018-04-23Calibration of Environmental Equipmentkilo 4.5 Suez road
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Medical Calibration Laboratory(On-Site & Permanent) - Arab British Dynamics (ABD)Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI)20672EgyptEng. Omnia Abu Zaid(002) 2686736-2689024Calibration LabroratoryAccredited2012-01-09Medical Eq. CalibrationKilo 4.5 Suez Road
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Dimension Calibration Laboratory - Engine Factory - Arab Organization for Industrialization (A.O.I)20688Egypthanem Ahmed elrouby022-5546091Calibration LabroratoryAccredited2012-04-04Dimension CalibrationHelwan El Hamamat -
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Flow Measurement Systems Laboratory (FMS)205025EgyptEng. KhaledAbd El-Tawab Mohamed – Laboratory Manager(002-02) 29706597 - 01223640198admin@fms.com.eg, k.tawab@fms.com.egCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2014-09-18Calibration of pressure gauges & testing of safety valves,vessels,hoses & pipes177 Fifth & Sex
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Calibration laboratory of Egypt Gas Company206102EgyptEng. Magdy Mostafa Mahmoud - Quality Manager(002-02) 24183014egygas_lab@yahoo.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2014-08-14Pressure,temperature,mass & balance calibration30 Masaken
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Calibration laboratory of Petroleum Projects and Technical Consultations Company (Petrojet)207021EgyptEng.Khaled Ebrahim Abd EL Salam(002-02) 26230740 (10 Lines)khaledebrahim90@gmail.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2017-01-30Temperature- PressureJoseph Tito Street,
Haikesteb, Cairo
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Polytechnique Metrology Centre (PMC)209020/1EgyptEng. Ahmed Kamal Abdel Aziz Fahmy0238202455 - 01060957734alaa.husssien1@gmail.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2018-12-19calibration and testing of electrical products6th October City,
2nd Industrial Zone,
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Medical Instruments Calibration Laboratory (MICL) (permanent & on-site) Cairo University Hospital210001EgyptEng. Hanem Ragab0223622762Calibration LabroratoryAccredited2011-05-31Medical equipment calibrationKasr El Ani
building - Cairo
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SADECO Calibration Laboratory - SADECO Calibration Services (SCS)210017EgyptMohamed Galal22021806/01009954448ibrahim@sadecogroup.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2019-03-21Calibration of pressure gauges & testing of safety valves and vessels9 Zo El-Fakar St.,
Shoubra, Cairo
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Calibration Laboratory AC Africal210025EgyptEng.MichealZaky- Quality Manager(002-02) 24127065africal.egypt@yahoo.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2013-02-08Calibration of Pressure,Temperature & balancesegypt 1162 Zahraa,
Nasr City, Cairo
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Temperature Calibration Laboratory (Permanent) - Engine Factory - Arab Organization for Industrialization (A.O.I)210026Egypthanem Ahmed elrouby0227101001To 0227101006Temp.lab@engine.aoi.org.egCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2012-05-25Temperature CalibrationHelwan El Hamamat,
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Pressure Calibration Laboratory (Permanent) - Engine Factory - Arab Organization for Industrialization (A.O.I)210027Egypthanem Ahmed elrouby0227101001To 0227101006Temp.lab@engine.aoi.org.egCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2012-05-25Pressure CalibrationHelwan El Hamamat,
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Sakr Factory for Advanced Industries296001EgyptEng. Zienab El-Zahery(002-02) 22690230-22690350-22690380-Int.:733-267Calibration LabroratoryAccredited2015-12-17In the field of electricity calibrationKilo 4.5 Cairo Suez
Desert Road, P.O.B.
33 Heliopolis
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Egyptian Tank Plant ETP 200 – Calibration & Testing Labs297004EgyptEng. Ayman Mohamed Ahmed0222818034Fact200__Quality@momp.gov.egCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2016-07-21Electrical,Frequency,Pressure,Balance,Dimension,Temperature,Force,Torque & Hardness Calibration and Hardness & Tension Testing for metalsEgypt Industrial
Zone, Abu Zaabal,
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Measurement, Calibration & Testing Laboratory - Helwan Company for Engineering Industries (Factory 99)298001EgyptDr. Amal Ismail - Quality Manager(002-02) 25552397 - 25552390qul_fact99@yahoo.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2013-12-27Dimensional & pressure calibration and chemical & tension testing for metals and its alloysAin Helwan, Cairo Click Here Click Here
Laboratories of The Main Workshop for Calibration and Measurement - Armament and Ammunition Department - Ministry of Defense298003EgyptMajor: Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Nagaar(002-02) 24185652naggar.medo@yahoo.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2018-12-19Electrical,temperature,frequency,torque,force,dimensional,mass,pressure & flow calibrationegypt Kilo 4.5
Road,Almaza, Cairo
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Kader Factory for advanced Industries299001EgyptEng.Hammam Mahmoud Hammam(002-02) 24024954-24024324-24024325-Int.:540-542-543Calibration LabroratoryAccredited2016-09-25Dimension2 El-Tayaran Street,
Nasr City, Cairo
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Calibration Laboratory of Benha Electronics Company299003EgyptEng. Abd Allah Abdel Ghany ElDababi - Calibration Laboratory Manager(002-013) 3236516-3221697Ben_hq@katron.com.eg, benha_callab@yahoo.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2013-12-27Electrical CalibrationAtreeb, Benha,
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National Organization for Drug Control and Research - NODCAR411001EgyptDr. Nabghah Mostafa Alibyari - Laboratories Department Manager(002-02) 37496077mcddep@gmail.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2016-06-16Calibration of spectrophotometer for wavelength and absorbance51 Wezzart Al Zeraa
Street, Al Agouza,
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Petroleum Calibration and Testing Laboratories Integrated Engineering for petroleum Services (IEPS)412005EgyptEng. Mourad Elsawy01226403333Martin@iepetroleum.netCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2017-11-30calibration of pressure gauges,transducers & indicatorsBlock 197 , 3rd
District Industrial
Zone New Cairo
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Calibration Laboratory - General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC) – Dekhilla Branch412006EgyptChem. Mamdoh Mohamed Abdel Bary – GOEIC Quality General Manager(002-03) 4460112m_taha_geo@yahoo.com , selkhwass@yahoo.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2013-02-08Oil filters testingGate 18, Dekhilla
port - Alexandria
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Calibration Laboratory- Omega Calibration Service (OCS)412008EgyptEng. Mohamed Abdelkhalek(002-02) 22068180Calibration.services@ops-eg.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2017-12-28Calibration of torque wrench61 Building, Abd
Al-Rahman Street –
El-Mokatam, Cairo
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Calibration Laboratory - Green TK413002EgyptMohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Mostafa01202228384 - 01202228383info@greentk.net - drakram2@yahoo.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2013-12-27Pressure,mass and temperature calibrationEgypt AL-Kawthar St.
, Building 6, Km31,
Alex-Cairo Desert
Road - El-America
– Alexandria
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Petro Energy Services Calibration Laboratory413005EgyptEng. Hesham Gamal El-Noury – Laboratory General Manager(002-02) 27025224sfattah56@yahoo.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2016-03-24In the field of pressure calibration and safety valves tests28 Road 270 – 4th
Sector, New Maadi,
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Calibration Laboratory- Quality Center - WHS Plastic Egypt415008EgyptEn. Ahmed Moamen0222737105Ahmed.moamen@whsegypt.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2016-06-16Calibration of the force measuring system for static uniaxial testing machines " Tension ",dimensional and balance.Block 12,13 (E)
General free Zone-
Nasr City Cairo-
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AT Engineering Consultant Biomedical Calibration Lab416003EgyptTamer Tawfik0229203244tamer.tawfic@atengineeringconsultant.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2016-07-21medical equipment calibration24 Baron Compound
–Maadi -Cairo-
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Calibration Laboratory - Akhnaton Corporation for Industrial Engineering - HI- TECH415004EgyptMina Ibrahim Kamil0224515197calibration@akhnaton.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2016-04-21attached113 Tomanbay
street., El-
Zeitoun, Cairo –
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TAG LAB -Techno Air Gate Company416002EgyptHussien Hasan Ahmed Hussien Diab01000621090 - 01023310802calibration@tagegypt.com - info@tagegypt.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2016-10-24Temperature & Pressure calibration37 Easha St-7th
district-6th of
October City-Egypt
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High pressure services company (H.P.S)416006EgyptMohamed Hassan & Sameh Eid01205000645-01205002247mohamed@hpseg.co & sameh@hpseg.co & admin@hpseg.coCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2017-03-15pressure gauges calibration & pressure safety valves,hoses,pipes and vessels tests19 STREET ,MEDHAT
9th district –AL
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Measurements and calibration lab. - Tabbin institute for metallurgical studies416007Eng. Suzan Ahmed Sayed01009502113Suzanahmed22@yahoo.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2017-05-30Calibration of Pressure & Balances5 Iron and steel
street - Tabbin -
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Calibration laboratory Trust Egypt for Quality System (TEQ)417001EgyptMahmoud Fathy01003100498info@teqegypt.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2017-07-10Calibration of Pressure,Temperature,Mass and Balance,volume,accelerometer,time and PH meter24 Mahmoud Hob-Allah
st., Nasr City,
Cairo, Egypt
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Nano for measurement and calibration center NMCC416005SudanAli abdaallah Elbashir+249123045180abdross@gmail.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2017-08-01Calibration of dimension,electricity,temperature,pressure,mass,balance and medical devicesimage7337Kadro street -
Khartoum North , Al
Khar?um, Sudan
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First Laboratory for Measurement and calibration417002EgyptAhmed Elsayed El Shawadfy01221732510info@first-env.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2017-11-30Pressure and Temperature calibration24 East Austorad
buildings, New Maddi
, Cairo, Egypt
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Paper & Stationary Products Testing Laboratory Chemical Department - General Department for Testing of Chemical Products , Building and Construction Materials Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality (EOS)417005EgyptEng. Mohamed HassanCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2018-01-23some papers testscairo,egypt, Click Here Click Here
Thermal Metrology Laboratory - National Institute of Standards (NIS)417003EgyptDr. Khaled Elnagar0122280062 - 01009711488khnagare@hotmail.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2018-04-23Thermal MetrologyEl - tersa, Harram -
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Calibration Lab - KARAMA LAB Co417007EgyptEng. Maged Mounir02-26355949Maged@karmaegypt.com / Info@karmaegypt.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2018-05-10Pressure – Mass and Balance - Temp62A Selem El Awal -
El Zaitoun, Cairo -
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NCI - Biomedical Calibration Lab - National Cancer Institute417010EgyptEng. Salah Mahmoud01001858402Salah11eg@gmail.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2018-05-10Medical Equipment Cal.Alkasr Aleini
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Calibration Laboratory Helwan Company for Diesel Engines418002EgyptHanaa saidCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2018-06-06DimensionAin Helwan - Helwan Click Here Click Here
Acoustics Laboratory - National Institute of Standards (NIS)417004EgyptDr. Khaled Elnagar0122280062 - 01009711488Khnagare@hotmail.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2018-06-06Acoustics MetrologyEl - Tersa, Harram -
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ENPPI calibration&testing laboratory Engineering for the Petroleum and Process Industries417011EgyptKhaled Mostafa0222765738 - 0222765989Atefa.hamed@enppi.com – ahmedfathy2@enppi.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2018-07-12Calibration for Pressure, Temperature and Testing of Pressure Safety Relief Valves1 A Ahmed El Zomor
st., 8th District,
Nasr City, Cairo -
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Calibration lab - Multiforce for petroleum services418007EgyptEng. Abdel Salam Mankola01005617795a.mankola@multiforceegypt.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2018-08-16Pressure calibration & Pressure Testing28MouradStreet-Giza-Egypt Click Here Click Here
Nubaria calibration lab418006EgyptEng. Mohamed Hussien045-3661507 - 01220001539MohamedHusien@gmail.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2018-11-08Kheniza, Kom Hamada,
Behira Gov. (inside
Nubaria power plant)
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Al-Nabaa Al-Yaqeen Co. – NYCO Calibration & Testing laboratory – Erbil, IRAQ418008Erbil, IRAQEng. Ibrahim Saleh07713584444, 07507125636, 07706508837Ibrahim@nyiraq.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2018-12-19Calibration of temperature,pressure,Electrical420 Italian
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Comex Calibration lab – Comex Commercial Co.417012EgyptEng. Sara Sharaawy01005234596 – 01022241289 – 202-33355642/33379208sahmed@comex-egypt.com – inst@comex-egypt.comCalibration LabroratoryAccredited2019-04-18PressureExit 14 complex,
block 14, south
central spine, El
Sheikh Zayed, 6 th
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Recent News

15 Apr

EGAC participated as the sole assessment and accreditation body in Egypt in the Africa Food Manufacturing Exhibition

In the framework of the activities and efforts of the

Egyptian Accreditation Council EGAC

to spread the culture of quality and accreditation in Egypt, especially

in the Egyptian industrial society, in order to raise awareness of the importance

of obtaining accreditation to the conformity assessment bodies operating in Egypt.

EGAC participated as the sole assessment and accreditation body in Egypt

in the Africa Food Manufacturing Exhibition. The Exhibition is considered one

of the largest food processing and packaging exhibitions in Egypt and includes

the latest developments in the industry, with the largest and most famous suppliers

in the market as well as the latest trends and innovations in the food industry.

The exhibition features pavilions for the country, featuring new and exciting

technologies from around the world.

EGAC participation in the exhibition is also part of EGAC activities to commemorate

the World Accreditation day, which will be held this year on the theme of Accreditation:

Adding value to supply chains, which will be celebrated by all accreditation bodies worldwide.

The Africa Food Manufacturing Exhibition, held this year under the auspices

of the Egyptian Ministry of Commerce and Industry, presents the full life cycle

of the food and beverage manufacturing process. The exhibition focuses on packaging

techniques such as packaging machines and processing techniques that include automation,

robots, food ingredients including raw materials and flavors, logistics such as storage and transportation.

The exhibition will serve as a gateway to trade between African countries

and the rest of the world through its interactive platform of cutting-edge technology and business opportunities,

offering a unique opportunity for manufacturers and shareholders to meet top buyers in the region under one roof.

The activities of the exhibition will continue during the period from 7 to 9 April 2019 at the exhibition grounds

at the fifth assembly hall 4.

EGAC, through its presence in the exhibition, aims to identify and raise awareness about the importance

of obtaining accreditation in order to comply with international requirements and specifications for the

quality of goods and services and to ensure the results of inspection, testing and inspection in accordance

with international standards and to enjoy the international recognition of the accreditation issued by the Council.

Internationally, regionally and continentally from the international accreditation organizations (ILAC / IAF, ARAC and continental AFRAC),

as well as the importance of accreditation in the promotion of local industries, foreign trade and protection

of local markets Products that are not compatible with the technical legislations of the Egyptian and international market.

It also explains the steps to obtain accreditation to all the conformity assessment bodies

with the availability of the latest interactive materials and information of EGAC,

which answer all queries of the applicants for accreditation

3 Jul

الرئيس السيسى يتفقد مزرعة غليون للاستزراع السمكى

فقد الرئيس عبد الفتاح السيسى، عدداً من المشروعات التنموية فى محافظة كفر الشيخ، وعلى رأسها مشروع بركة غليون للاستزراع السمكى،

واستمع لشرح اللواء حمدى بدين، رئيس مجلس إدارة الشركة الوطنية للثروة السمكية والأحياء المائية، واللواء أشرف حامد، حول حجم الأعمال التى تم تنفيذها.

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