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Organization Cab Ref No Country Contact Person Phone Email Case Area Name Case Status Name Withdrawn From Date Of Accreditation Url Major Discipline Certificate Name Address Scope Certificate
Central Laboratory-Arab Swiss Engineering Comapany(ASEC)20670EgyptDr. Nazik Abd Elazim Gabr(002) 23597334Calibration LabroratoryWithdrawn0000-00-002012-09-25Balance and volume calibration & testing of physical,chemical and mechanical testing for all types of cement except refractory cement42 st., 10 Maadi
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Egypt Air for Maintenance and Engineering Company206104EgyptEng. Hosien Mohamed Hanoura – Quality Manager(002-02) 22681820-22681822-22681824-22681826- int.:55280-55283ea_calibration@egyptair.com.egCalibration LabroratoryWithdrawn2017-06-212010-12-31Electrical,frequency,pressure,torque and dimensional calibrationCairo International
Air Port,
Cairo-Egypt., Giza
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Precision Measurements Equipment Laboratory (PMEL) Cairo Aviation Maintenance Center (CAMC) Egyptian Air Force (EAF)207006EgyptEng.Khaled Hamdy Ibrahim Ashmawy022-5562598Calibration LabroratoryWithdrawn2018-05-062016-07-21Electrical,Frequency,Torque,Pressure &Temperature CalibrationsHelwan Main Workshop
- Cairo
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Mobica Center for Calibration and Testing - Mobica Company for integrated Industries299004EgyptEng. Ashraf Said Hassan - Center Manager(002-02) 5390089-5390091-5390093-5390095-5390097-5390098-Int.:256Calibration LabroratoryWithdrawn0000-00-002014-04-07Temperature,Pressure,Dimension calibration and Leather testing28 Km Cairo-Alex
Road, Abu Rawash,
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Calibration Laboratory- KARMA LAB, (On-Site)412009EgyptEng.MagedMonier(002-02) 26355949Info@karmaegypt.comCalibration LabroratoryWithdrawn0000-00-002013-09-13Calibration of temperature and pressureegypt 61A, Selim
El-Awal –
El-Zaitoun, Cairo
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Akhnaton Engineering HI-TEC20302EgyptDr. Morad Ghabbour(002) 451-5197Calibration LabroratoryWithdrawn0000-00-002009-08-03Temperature113 Tomanby St., El-
Zieton, Cairo
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Calibration laboratories Dimension Laboratory(Permanent) - Arab British Engine Company (ABECO) -Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI)20682EgyptEng.Snaa Abd-Alaha(002) 55830229Calibration LabroratoryWithdrawn0000-00-002007-05-08Dimension71 Helwan Cairo Click Here Click Here
Calibration LaboratoriesTemperature Laboratory(Permanent)Arab British Engine Company (ABECO)Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI)20683EgyptEng.Snaa Abd-Alaha(002) 55830229Calibration LabroratoryWithdrawn0000-00-002007-06-08Temperature71 Helwan Cairo Click Here Click Here
Lay - out & Calibration Laboratory ( permenant )Arab American Vehicles (AAV) - Arab organization for Industrialization ( AOI )is imposed suspended for three months20686EgyptEng.Ali Khalil2693200 - 2692285aav@aav.com.egCalibration LabroratoryWithdrawn0000-00-002008-08-05calibration of torque metersKm 4.5 Suez Road –
Cairo – A.R.E
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Lay-Out Laboratory - Lay-out & Calibration Laboratory - Arab American Vehicles (AAV) - Arab Organization for Industrialization (A.O.I) is imposed suspended for three months20687EgyptEng. Ali Khalel002- 2693200-2692285Calibration LabroratoryWithdrawn0000-00-002007-10-03In the Field of Dimensional Measurements via Coordinate Measuring MachineKilo 4.5 Suez
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Medical Calibration Laboratory ( On Site & Permanent ) - Medical & Scientific Equipment Company (MSk)20694EgyptEng. Rasha Atiaa002-25250232Calibration LabroratoryWithdrawn0000-00-002007-10-03Medical Equipment Calibration68 St., No. 105
Maadi Cairo
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MYMSALAB for Calibration and Testing - MYMSA Company209022EgyptEng. Mohamed Hasan - Quality Manager25261999 - 25261888mymsalab@mymsa.com.egCalibration LabroratoryWithdrawn0000-00-002010-06-29Temperature sensors and glass thermometers calibrationEgypt 5 Abdul Wahab
Selim street from
Misr, Helwan zyrae
road, Maadi, Cairo
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Al Amjaad Calibration & Measurement Laboratories (ACML)209032Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaEng. Mohamed El-Zain00966 (2) 6832342Info@Acml.com.sa , Eng_alzain@Hotmail.comCalibration LabroratoryWithdrawn0000-00-002009-11-30Electrical-Temperature-Pressure-Mass-DimensionKingdom of Saudi
Arabia AL Zahraa
district 2, Aslam
Ibn Jobayrah street,
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Calibration lab of ABB Arab297003EgyptEng. Anees Taha(002-015) 361288Calibration LabroratoryWithdrawn0000-00-002005-03-31Electrical-Torque-Pressure10th of
Zone B1-Sharqeia
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Egyptian Office For Calibration415002EgyptEng. Osama El sayed Ali Taha ELboushy01146238786osama@egy-cal.comCalibration LabroratoryWithdrawn0000-00-002015-06-04Calibration of Spectrophotometers6 ALI Mansour st
–AL haram- Giza
– Egypt Giza –
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Recent News

15 Jul

EGAC re-evaluation by AFRAC

EGAC is evaluated for the Third time this year. In the framework of AFRAC re evaluation of EGAC in the period from 15 - 19 July 2017, AFRAC evaluation team besides ILAC/IAF representative are carrying out evaluation plan of EGAC to renew EGAC signatory status in AFRAC for another 4 years. The scopes EGAC will be recognized in are Accreditation of Testing Labs, Calibration Labs, Medical Labs, Inspection Bodies, Certification of QMS, EMS and FSMS.