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Organization Cab Ref No Country Contact Person Phone Email Case Area Name Case Status Name Date Of Accreditation Url Major Discipline Certificate Name Address Scope Certificate
Hassab Labs510001EgyptDr. Amina Hassab<(03) 4870138amina.hassab@hassab.comMedical LabsAccredited2011-06-01www.hassab.comsome medical testing disciplines of clinical chemistry,hormones & tumor markers,hematology,parasitology,virology and molecular biology8 Fouad street –
Alexandria, Egypt
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Alfa Laboratories - Egypt511002EgyptDr.Hamad El-Nokrashi(002-02) 33367080dr.hamad.elnokrashi@alfalaboratories.comMedical LabsAccredited2016-08-10www.alfalaboratory.comsome medical testing disciplines of clinical chemistry,hormones & tumor markers and hematology.Main lab: 3 Ahmed
El-Bourei Street
from Iraque Street,
El-Mohandessin, Giza
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Clinical Pathology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University512001EgyptDr. Mona Wagdy Ayad(002-03) 4863084Monawagdy16@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2017-12-28In some clinical chemistry testsAlexandria
University Hospital,
Midan El Khortoum,
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NSA Diagnostic Laboratories (Prof. Dr. Sherif N. Amin )512003/1EgyptEng. Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz+201110420475Mahmoud.elged@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2018-06-06some clinical chemistry,hematology,coagulation,hormones,tumor markers,molecular biology and drugs tests5th Talat Harab
Street, Al Tahrere
Square, Cairo
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El Bordiny Laboratories512004EgyptDr. Ragaa Abd El Kader(002-03) 5220082Quality.MBL10000@gmail.comMedical LabsAccredited2013-09-13some medical testing disciplines of clinical chemistry hormones and tumor markers378th El Horria
street, Mostufa
Kamel, Alexandria
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Main laboratories of Ain Shams University Hospitals513002EgyptDr. Eman El-Hadidi024845802clinicalpath_office@med.asu.edu.egMedical LabsAccredited2014-09-18Clinical Chemistry,and hematologyAin Shams University
Hospitals (main
Laboratories) -
Abbasia- Cairo
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Royal Lab laboratories513004EgyptDr. Dalia Ibrahim Ramadan01151110044dr.dalia.ramadan@royal-lab.comMedical LabsAccredited2014-04-07www.royal-lab.netSome of Clinical chemistry,Hormones,Tumor markers,Hematology,and Virology testsMasr Algadida - 5
Altahawy st. Alsafwa
Tower, Alkhalifa
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Pathology lab – Central Health Laboratories - MOH513005EgyptDr. Teresa Maher(202)7950096-7948544tr-aziz@hotmail.comMedical LabsAccredited2014-09-18some Pathology & Immunohistochemistry tests19 El Sheikh Rehan
Street-Abdien ,Cairo
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Salah Marzouk Laboratory513006EgyptDr. Eman Ahmed Hamdy Shaheen(002-03) 5910066 - (002-03) 5915636Salah.Marzouklab@gmail.comMedical LabsAccredited2014-11-06Clinical chemistry,hematology and hormones59 Omar Lotfy St. El
Ibrahemia -
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Arab Contractors Medical Center Laboratories513003EgyptSafaa.ramadan. medicalcenter-ac.com23426000www.medicalcenter-ac.comMedical LabsAccredited2014-12-04Clinical chemistryCairo, Nasr
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MAIN LABORATORY- ZAGAZIG UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS513007EgyptDr. Dina Mohamed Atef0552346892 - (002)01002826410datefkareem@hotmail.com, datefkareem@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2014-12-04In Some Clinical Chemistry,Hormones and Tumor Markers TestsSurgery Hospital
Labs, Zagazig
Hospitals, Zagazig,
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Nile Laboratories514001EgyptDr. Mahitab Hashesh(+202) 33369203 (+202) 33369204nl_mohandsin@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2015-06-04Clinical chemistry50 Mohey El-Din
Aboul-Azz st.,
Dokki, Giza, Egypt
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Mabaret El Asfra Labs514004EgyptSally Mohamed Abdel Raouf034253693sallyabdelraouf@hotmail.comMedical LabsAccredited2015-08-13Molecular biology314 Taaseem El Kodah
- Smouha - Alex
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Flow cytometry Lab - South Egypt Cancer Institute513009Douaa Mohamed Sayed0882332016Medical LabsAccredited2015-08-13Flow cytometryEl Methaq st. -
South Egypt Cancer
Institute - Assiut
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Al Shams Laboratories (Central lab)514008EgyptDr. Nadia Aly Abdel Sattar+202 24191066 +202 24177211Medical LabsAccredited2015-11-12www.alshams.shams.comClinical chemistry,Hormones,Tumor markers,Parasitology,Microbiology5-Al-Ahram st.
Heliopolis Cairo
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Hematology laboratory – Medical Research Institute – Alexandria University514005EgyptDr. Maha Mohamed Adel El Gammal002 03 4282373mahagammal@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2015-12-17Hematology165 El Horia St. –
El Hadra –
Alexandria- Egypt
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Dar Al Hikmah Medical Laboratory (DHML)515002United Arab EmiratesAshar Al Rabie,09716 5519916Asharz1984@hotmail.comMedical LabsAccredited2016-03-24http://www.dhmlab.comsome molecular biology and cytogenetic testsAl Nakheel Tower,
Flat 203, Next to
Burger King,
Corniche st.
Sharjah – United
Arab Emirate
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Mansoura Toxicology Laboratory of Forensic Medicine and Clinical Toxicology Department Faculty of Medicine – Mansoura University514003EgyptProf. Dr. Sahr Abdel Aziz+2 01009450490Sam94267@hotmail.comMedical LabsAccredited2016-05-20some clinical toxicology testsEl- Gomhoria Street,
Mansoura – Egypt
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Egypt Air Hospital laboratories515004EgyptDr. Haitham Samy+202 24174029/31/33, +201 159297170dhitham82@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2016-05-20some clinical chemistry tests96 Abo Bakr Elsedeek
St., Beside Almaza
Airport, Cairo,
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Chemical Pathology Department Laboratories, Faculty of Medicine Cairo University514009EgyptDr. Hazem Abou-Youssef002-02) 23640501hazem2000@kasralainy.edu.egMedical LabsAccredited2016-08-10www.medicine.cu.edu.eg – www.clinchem.kasralainy.edu.egIn some clinical chemistry,hormones,and tumor marker tests,The Lab Partial Suspended in Specific ProteinsKasr Alainy Street,
Cairo, Egypt
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Central Health Laboratory-Ministry of health and population513012EgyptDr.Dina Ramadan Lithy(002-02) 27947371dinalithy@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2016-08-10www.healthlabs.netIn some clinical chemistry,hormones,hematology,narcotic and therapeutic drugs,bacteriology,tuberculosis and virology tests19 El-Sheikh Rehan
St Abdeen Cairo
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Cleopatra Hospital Laboratories515003EgyptDr. Manal Hashem Fayek(002-02) 24143931lab@cleopatrahospital.comMedical LabsAccredited2016-11-11www.cleopatrahospital.comMedical testing39,41 Cleopatra
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Clinical Chemistry Lab, South Egypt Cancer Institute, Assiut University515001EgyptDr. Asmaa Mohamed Zahran01003884329asmaa.zahran@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2017-01-30www.seci.info/some clinical chemistry testsEl- methaq street,
South Egypt Cancer
Institute, Assiut
University –Assiut
- Egypt
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Laboratory of Blood Transfusion Center- South Egypt Cancer Institute – Assiut University515005EgyptDr. Rania Mohamed Bakry01221031572- 002/0882347672Rbakry.md@gmail.comMedical LabsAccredited2017-02-27blood_bank@seci.infoSome Virology and Compatability testsEl-Methaq Street,
South Egypt Cancer
Institute, Assiut
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Laboratories of Ain Shams Specialized Hospital - Ain Shams University514002EgyptDr. Manal Fawzy Gabr01121865061ghozlanmanal@hotmail.comMedical LabsAccredited2017-03-15www.asush.com.egsome clinical chemistry,immunology,hematology,coagulation and microbiology testsEl Khalifa El
Maamoun st., Abbasia
area, Postal code
11588, Cairo, Egypt
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Chemical Pathology Laboratory-Medical research institute-Alexandria university515006EgyptDr. Rania El Sharqawy002 - 01227750733raniashark@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2017-07-10165 El-Horreya
Avenue, El- Hadra,
Alexandria, Egypt
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Cytogenetic Laboratory –Human Genetics Department MRI - Alexandria University516005EgyptDr. Nahla Abdel Rahman Nazmy+202 034282331- 034282373, +201 223381547nahlanazmy@alex.edu.eg – nahlaan@hotmail.comMedical LabsAccredited2017-07-10In some Cytogenetic tests165 El-Horreya
Avenue – El
Hadara- Alexandria-
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Clinical Pathology Department Laboratories - Faculty of Medicine – Cairo University516006EgyptDr. Ola Gamal Khashaba+202 01157373735 /01223270545 / 01005414133drolakhashaba@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2017-08-01In some Microbiology and Molecular Biology tests1 Al-Saraya Street,
Al-Manial, Faculty
Of Medicine, Cairo
University , Egypt.
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Flow Cytometry Lab –Faculty of Medicine - Tanta University516008EgyptDr. Mohammed Attia Saad+202 01005300764Attia17@yahoo.co.ukMedical LabsAccredited2018-01-23some Flow cytometryTanta University
Hospital- Faculty of
Medicine- Tanta-
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Urology and Nephrology Center –Mansoura University514006EgyptDr. Essam El-Sawy+201006150860Essamelsawy61@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2018-02-21some clinical chemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Molecular Biology, and virology testsUrology and
Nephrology Center
– Gomhoria Street,
35516, Mansoura –
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Coagulation Lab – Faculty of Medicine – Tanta University516007EgyptDr. Ahmed El-Gohary+201284742504drahmedgohary177@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2018-04-23some Hematology testsELgeish St., Post
Code: 31527 , Tanta,
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Bone Marrow Pathology Laboratory, Clinical And Chemical Pathology Department Cairo University Specialized Pediatric Hospital516013EgyptDr.Eman Maher Mansour00201005481313Imans7@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2018-05-10Bone Marrow Pathologymahmoud kabil1 Ali Pasha Ibrahim,
Cairo university
Pediatric Hospital,
Faculty of Medicine,
Cairo University,
Alsayeda Zeinab,
Cairo, Egypt
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Hormones Laboratory-Woman Health Hospital – Assuit University Hospitals517005EgyptDr. Hanan Galal Abdel-Azeem+201062226610hanangalal2000@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2018-08-16some Hormones testsAssuit-egypt Click Here Click Here
Laboratory of Clinical Immunology– Assiut University Hospitals517006EgyptDr. Wafaa Tohamy Al-Sherif+201001861515wafaa_elsherif@hotmail.comMedical LabsAccredited2018-08-16some immunology testsAssuit-egypt Click Here Click Here
Diagnostic Medical Microbiology Lab –Faculty of Medicine - Alexanderia University516010EgyptDr. Manal Baddour+201114223380manal.baddour@alexmed.edu.egMedical LabsAccredited2018-09-20some Diagnostic Microbiology testsALKhartoum Square,
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Clinical Chemistry and Immunology Lab- Faculty of Medicine – Tanta University516012EgyptDr. Amal AL-Bendary+201007612684amalelbendary2015@gmail.comMedical LabsAccredited2018-09-20some Clinical Chemistry testsEl-Geish
Street-Faculty Of
Medicine – Tanta
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Laboratories of Hematology Unit – Assiut University Hospitals - Assiut University517004Dr. Sahar Abdalla Elgammal+201002342312Sahar63elgammal@hotmail.comMedical LabsAccredited2018-09-20some Thrombosis and Hemostasis testsHematology Unit –
Clinical Pathology
Department –
Assuit University
Hospital - Assuit
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Mycobacteriology laboratory - Clinical pathology department Faculty of Medicine- Cairo University516014EgyptProf. Dr. Sahar Khairat(002)023654480 - +201003050028Sahar.khairat@gmail.comMedical LabsAccredited2018-10-18www.medicine.cu.edu.egMycobacteriology1 Al-Saray St. -
Al-Manial Clinical
Pathology Department
- Faculty of
Medicine - Cairo
University - Cairo
Gov. - Egypt
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Microbiology Lab. Abu Elreeshe Elmonira -Clinical Pathology Department - Faculty of Medicine – Cairo University516015EgyptDr. Ola Gamal Khashaba(002)01157373735/ 0123270545drolakhashaba@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2018-10-18www.medicine.cu.edu.egSome Microbiology tests5 El Rashidy street
- Abu El Reeshe El
Monira Hospital -
Cairo Gov. - Egypt
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Laboratory of Molecular biology and Biotechnology Unit Faculty of Medicine - Benha University516009EgyptDr. Amal Idris Ali(002)01001426701// 010920446701Amalidris348@hotmail.com // amalidris348@outlook.comMedical LabsAccredited2018-11-29www.medicine.cu.edu.egImmunology,and Molecular biologyAl –Saha st. From
Farid Nada st –
3rd floor, Faculty
of Medicine, Benha
University- Benha-
Al-Qlyubiya Gov.
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Hemato-Oncology laboratory -South Egypt Caner institute517002EgyptDr. Douaa Mohamed Sayed(002) 088 2347672- 088 2348609douaa_sayed@hotmail.comMedical LabsAccredited2018-11-29Some coagulation testsEl-Methaq street,
South Egypt Cancer
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Clinical Chemistry and Stem Cell Lab-Biochemistry department - Faculty of Medicine - Zagazig University516011EgyptDr. Somia Hassan+201221607590dr.somiahassan@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2018-12-19Some Medical Biochemistry testsBiochemistry
–Academic Block
-Faculty Of Medicine
– Zagazig
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Central Blood Transfusion Services Laboratories - Assiut University Hospitals517003EgyptDr. Maha Atwa Mohamed00201000004572atwa_maha@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2019-01-24In some serological testsAssiut Unveristy
Hospital, Main
Department, 1st
Floor , Assuit Gov.
, Egypt
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Hemostasis Laboratory -Clinical Pathology Department- Faculty of Medicine – Mansoura University517007EgyptDr. Hanan Ahmed Galal00201223930783Hanan.azzam@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2019-01-24CoagulationHemostasis
Laboratory -
Clinical Pathology
Department- Faculty
of Medicine –
Mansoura University-
Al-Dakahlia Gov.,
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Laboratory of bone marrow transplantation unit - Clinical Pathology Department - NCI - Cairo university513010EgyptDr. Amira Soliman (Quality manger)+(202)23664656amirasoliman777@hotmail.com, ghadamossallam@hotmail.com, salehmaha2@hotmail.comMedical LabsAccredited2019-01-24www.nci.cu.edu.egFlow Cytometry,Immunogenetics,and Molecular GeneticsFrom El-Khalig
Square, Kasr El-Aini
st, Cairo Gov. ,
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Hematology Laboratory - Clinical Pathology Department National Cancer Institute - Cairo University513011EgyptDr. Ragia Badawy (lab director)+(202)23664656 / (002)01006038094Ragia_badawy@hotmail.comMedical LabsAccredited2019-01-24www.nci.cu.edu.egHematology,and Coagulation testsFrom El-Khalig
Square, Kasr El-Aini
st, Cairo Gov. ,
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Doctor Bedewy laboratories517008EgyptDr. Ahmed Bedewy(002) 035222602 / (002)0100004051dr_ahmed_bedewy@yahoo.comMedical LabsAccredited2019-02-14Hormones tests86 Sidi Gaber
street’with Abd El
Latif Elsofany
street’Sidi Gaber
El sheikh Alexandria
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Specialized Hematology Laboratory - Faculty of medicine - Zagazig University516001EgyptDr. Asmaa Mohamed Hosny Esh002(01223333934)/ 002(0552341931)asmaaesh@gmail.com /// info_medicine@zu.edu.egMedical LabsAccredited2019-03-21Hematology,Coagulation and Molecular Genetic TestsZagazig University
Hospitals, Salam
Sector, Economic
Hospital Sharqia
Governorate –
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Alborg Medical Laboratories - Sudan518002EgyptDr. Ahmed Mohamed Ezzat Abd El Hamid+249 920671074 // +249 183560667a.ezzat@alborglaboratories.com // csv-sudan@alborglaboratories.comMedical LabsAccredited2019-03-21Clinical chemistry,Hormones and Coagulation TestsAlamarat Block –
15 King Abdel Aziz
Street -Khartoum -
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Recent News

15 Apr

EGAC participated as the sole assessment and accreditation body in Egypt in the Africa Food Manufacturing Exhibition

In the framework of the activities and efforts of the

Egyptian Accreditation Council EGAC

to spread the culture of quality and accreditation in Egypt, especially

in the Egyptian industrial society, in order to raise awareness of the importance

of obtaining accreditation to the conformity assessment bodies operating in Egypt.

EGAC participated as the sole assessment and accreditation body in Egypt

in the Africa Food Manufacturing Exhibition. The Exhibition is considered one

of the largest food processing and packaging exhibitions in Egypt and includes

the latest developments in the industry, with the largest and most famous suppliers

in the market as well as the latest trends and innovations in the food industry.

The exhibition features pavilions for the country, featuring new and exciting

technologies from around the world.

EGAC participation in the exhibition is also part of EGAC activities to commemorate

the World Accreditation day, which will be held this year on the theme of Accreditation:

Adding value to supply chains, which will be celebrated by all accreditation bodies worldwide.

The Africa Food Manufacturing Exhibition, held this year under the auspices

of the Egyptian Ministry of Commerce and Industry, presents the full life cycle

of the food and beverage manufacturing process. The exhibition focuses on packaging

techniques such as packaging machines and processing techniques that include automation,

robots, food ingredients including raw materials and flavors, logistics such as storage and transportation.

The exhibition will serve as a gateway to trade between African countries

and the rest of the world through its interactive platform of cutting-edge technology and business opportunities,

offering a unique opportunity for manufacturers and shareholders to meet top buyers in the region under one roof.

The activities of the exhibition will continue during the period from 7 to 9 April 2019 at the exhibition grounds

at the fifth assembly hall 4.

EGAC, through its presence in the exhibition, aims to identify and raise awareness about the importance

of obtaining accreditation in order to comply with international requirements and specifications for the

quality of goods and services and to ensure the results of inspection, testing and inspection in accordance

with international standards and to enjoy the international recognition of the accreditation issued by the Council.

Internationally, regionally and continentally from the international accreditation organizations (ILAC / IAF, ARAC and continental AFRAC),

as well as the importance of accreditation in the promotion of local industries, foreign trade and protection

of local markets Products that are not compatible with the technical legislations of the Egyptian and international market.

It also explains the steps to obtain accreditation to all the conformity assessment bodies

with the availability of the latest interactive materials and information of EGAC,

which answer all queries of the applicants for accreditation

3 Jul

الرئيس السيسى يتفقد مزرعة غليون للاستزراع السمكى

فقد الرئيس عبد الفتاح السيسى، عدداً من المشروعات التنموية فى محافظة كفر الشيخ، وعلى رأسها مشروع بركة غليون للاستزراع السمكى،

واستمع لشرح اللواء حمدى بدين، رئيس مجلس إدارة الشركة الوطنية للثروة السمكية والأحياء المائية، واللواء أشرف حامد، حول حجم الأعمال التى تم تنفيذها.

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