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EGAC Accreditation Process for Labs_PB01L 

EGAC Accreditation Process for Certification Bodies_PB02C

EGAC Accreditation Process for Inspection Bodies_PB03I

EGAC Policy On Traceability For Measurements and Calibration_PB04G

EGAC Policy on Measurement Uncertainty For Testing Laboratories_PB05G

EGAC Policy on Measurement Uncertainty For Calibration Laboratories_PB06G

Guidelines Concerning the Validity of Calibration Certificates_PB07G

EGAC Policy on implementation and use of Proficiency Testing_PB12G

EGAC Guidelines on Calculation of Measurement Uncertainty for Testing Laboratories_PB13L

EGAC Policy on Cross frontier_PB14G

Guidelines for Laboratories in Calibration Metrology_PB15L

EGAC Accreditation Process for CBs_Persons _PB16C

Guidelines for Dealing with Complain and Appeal _PB17G


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15 Jul

EGAC re-evaluation by AFRAC

EGAC is evaluated for the Third time this year. In the framework of AFRAC re evaluation of EGAC in the period from 15 - 19 July 2017, AFRAC evaluation team besides ILAC/IAF representative are carrying out evaluation plan of EGAC to renew EGAC signatory status in AFRAC for another 4 years. The scopes EGAC will be recognized in are Accreditation of Testing Labs, Calibration Labs, Medical Labs, Inspection Bodies, Certification of QMS, EMS and FSMS.