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 PB1G_Handiling of Application 

 PB2C_EGAC Policy for Implementation of IAF MD 17

PB3G_Guidlines for dealing with complain and Appeal

PB4G_EGAC Policy on Cross Frontier

PB5TCL_ Guid for accreditation of testing_Calibration Labs

PB6M_Guide for accreditation of medical Labs

PB7C_Guide for accreditation of management system CB

PB8I_Guide for accreditation of Inspection body

PB9PT_Guide for accreditation of proficiency testing providers

PB10PD_Guide for accreditation of GAS appliances product certification bodies

PB11PS_Guide for accreditation of person certification bodies

PB12H_Guide for accreditation of halal certification bodies

PB13FP_Guide for accreditation of forensic service providers

PB14G_Policy on proficiency testing participation

PB15TCL_Guidelines for Measurement Uncertainty in CLs _ TLs

PB16Ps_Handling of Personal Scheme

PB11Ps_Guide for accreditation of person certification bodies

PB18Pd_Criteria for Global Gab _ Organic_1

PB19Pd_Tech Req for CB in Organic Agriculture_1

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