About Us / Quality Policy

EGAC operates in accordance with

  • IAF & ILAC, guidelines 
  • ISO/IEC 17011/ 2004 

It is our aim to establish Competence of the conformity assessment bodies and the credibility of their certificate and reports.


It is our policy

In respect of consistency, impartiality, confidentiality and integrity in all our activities to achieve EGAC aims and objectives as set out in our Quality Manual.

Our target is

To establish mutual recognition with accreditation bodies in other countries operating to equivalent standards.


The primary responsibility for the operation of EGAC:

In accordance with the above policies rests with the Chief Executive.

Quality is the responsibility of all staff:

Quality Manager, this person is responsible to the Chief Executive for ensuring that the quality system is established, implemented, maintained and monitored in accordance with the requirements stated above. 

The Quality Manager advises EGAC management upon the performance of the quality system as a basis for improvement.. In addition to individual managers' line responsibilities for quality assurance:

As member of staff is designated a quality manager to be responsible for overall control of quality and quality assurance.

EGAC provides accreditation services

in accordance with accepted established principles of quality assurance and the internationally agreed requirements and recommendations for the operation of accreditation systems.

EGAC accreditation is provided to the conformity assessment bodies such that to meet the requirements of the international standards. 

  1. Testing, and calibration including sampling to ISO/IEC 17025.
  2. Quality Systems Certification to ISO/IEC 17021. 
  3. Product certification to ISO/IEC Guide 65. 
  4. Personnel certifiers to ISO ISO/IEC 17024.
  5. Inspection bodies to ISO ISO/IEC 17020.

Recent News

12 Sep

Training Courses in international standard 17025 on October 2017


المجلس الوطنى للاعتماد

عن انعقاد ثلاث برامج تدريبية فى المواصفة الدولية

ISO/IEC 17025:2005


عنوان البرنامج التدريبى

المدة باليوم





Understanding & Implementing international  standard     

ISO/IEC 17025:2005


15-17 اكتوبر

من الاحد الى الثلاثاء


جنيه مصري


Internal Audit training Course  According to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005


18-19 اكتوبر

الاربعاء والخميس


جنيه مصري


Measurement of Uncertainty according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 + Quality Control


22-24 اكتوبر

من الاحد الى الثلاثاء


جنيه مصري

  • المحاضر : خبير إعتماد دولى.
  • مواعيد الحضور من الساعة 9 صباحاً حتى 3 عصراً
  • طريقة الدفع :
  • للافراد والقطاع الخاص: نقداً أو بشيك باسم المجلس الوطنى للاعتماد
  • للجهات الحكومية :  نقداً أو عن طريق الدفع الالكترونى باسم المجلس الوطنى للاعتماد رقم مؤسسى ( 32103301 )
  • للاستعلام والاشتراك

موبايل : 01006557120

إيميل  : mahmoudkabil@egac.gov.eg


15 Jul

EGAC re-evaluation by AFRAC

EGAC is evaluated for the Third time this year. In the framework of AFRAC re evaluation of EGAC in the period from 15 - 19 July 2017, AFRAC evaluation team besides ILAC/IAF representative are carrying out evaluation plan of EGAC to renew EGAC signatory status in AFRAC for another 4 years. The scopes EGAC will be recognized in are Accreditation of Testing Labs, Calibration Labs, Medical Labs, Inspection Bodies, Certification of QMS, EMS and FSMS.