Accreditation / About Accreditation

Who are the Beneficiaries? 

  • The accredited bodies.
  • The industrial organizations.
  • The service organizations.
  • The Egyptian products.
  • The Egyptian exports.
  • The Consumer.
  • The national economy


Accreditation Process

  • Application for accreditation.
  • Document study by EGAC.
  • Appointment of assessment team.
  • Pre-assessment visit.
  • Assessment visit and defining nonconformities, if any.
  • Reviewing evidence of corrective actions.
  • Granting accreditation.
  • Annual surveillance visits.


Why Accreditation?

The global trend is towards a free market with no economic trade barriers allowing for free movement of goods and interchange of services. Such a situation can only be consummated when technical barriers to trade are also eliminated. For this to occur the trading countries must have confidence in the quality and environmental systems, personal and product certification and inspection systems as well as the measurements and tests conducted by each other. The world trade organizations and the European union both have noted that the lack of acceptance of test results and certification are the most significant non-tariff barriers to trade. Accreditation of laboratories, inspection bodies and certification bodies, using common standards and practices is seen as the most effective way of defeating these barriers. To this end major trading countries have established independent and internationally credible accreditation bodies. At the apex of the world accreditation pyramid is the international laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), and the International Accreditation Forum ( IAF), both of which ( EGAC ) seeks to be a member. This objective is being accomplished through the establishment of world – wide network of national accreditation bodies, inspection bodies and laboratories (testing and calibration) are assessed on the same principles, regardless of where in the world they are located. These assessments are based on the HARMONIZED (ISO) standards.

Recent News

12 Sep

Training Courses in international standard 17025 on October 2017


المجلس الوطنى للاعتماد

عن انعقاد ثلاث برامج تدريبية فى المواصفة الدولية

ISO/IEC 17025:2005


عنوان البرنامج التدريبى

المدة باليوم





Understanding & Implementing international  standard     

ISO/IEC 17025:2005


15-17 اكتوبر

من الاحد الى الثلاثاء


جنيه مصري


Internal Audit training Course  According to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005


18-19 اكتوبر

الاربعاء والخميس


جنيه مصري


Measurement of Uncertainty according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 + Quality Control


22-24 اكتوبر

من الاحد الى الثلاثاء


جنيه مصري

  • المحاضر : خبير إعتماد دولى.
  • مواعيد الحضور من الساعة 9 صباحاً حتى 3 عصراً
  • طريقة الدفع :
  • للافراد والقطاع الخاص: نقداً أو بشيك باسم المجلس الوطنى للاعتماد
  • للجهات الحكومية :  نقداً أو عن طريق الدفع الالكترونى باسم المجلس الوطنى للاعتماد رقم مؤسسى ( 32103301 )
  • للاستعلام والاشتراك

موبايل : 01006557120

إيميل  :          

15 Jul

EGAC re-evaluation by AFRAC

EGAC is evaluated for the Third time this year. In the framework of AFRAC re evaluation of EGAC in the period from 15 - 19 July 2017, AFRAC evaluation team besides ILAC/IAF representative are carrying out evaluation plan of EGAC to renew EGAC signatory status in AFRAC for another 4 years. The scopes EGAC will be recognized in are Accreditation of Testing Labs, Calibration Labs, Medical Labs, Inspection Bodies, Certification of QMS, EMS and FSMS.