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EGAC Vision and EGAC Mission
Egyptian Accreditation Council (EGAC) Vision
  • To Participate Effectively in the International Accreditation.
  • To be Recognized by the Stakeholders as the Value Adding and Cost-Effective Provider of Choice.
  • To Support the Credibility of the Practice of the Conformity Assessment to National and International Standards.
  • The services are provided in a professional, transparent and independent way with integrity
Egyptian Accreditation Council (EGAC) Mission
  • To Ensure efficiency of conformity assessment bodies providing services (Testing Laboratories / Calibration Laboratories / Inspection Bodies / Certification Bodies of Management Systems / Medical Testing Laboratories / Product Certification Bodies/ Technical Proficiency Testing Service Providers /Proficiency Testing Bodies/ Personal Certification Bodies/ Halal Certification Bodies/ Forensic Laboratories/ Biobanks Laboratories).
  • To Achieve International Recognition of the Egyptian National Quality System and Maintain it.
  • To Enhance the Competitiveness of the Egyptian Industry.
  • To Improve the Image of the Egyptian Products and Enhance its Competitiveness.